Dynamics 365 Copilot: A pioneering artificial intelligence assistant designed for CRM and ERP

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In a recent publication on our blog, we disseminated compelling information regarding Microsoft Power Platform Copilot. This AI-driven assistant enhances the development of apps, automation, and bots, further simplifying and optimizing the existing low-code suite of tools. That constituted the inaugural installment in a series of Copilot articles. Thus, it is advisable to remain vigilant for additional releases in the forthcoming weeks. Our objective is to delve into the Dynamics 365 version of Microsoft Copilot and elucidate how HCLTech’s Business Applications practice can facilitate the implementation of this software within your respective organization. We will also address our dedication to advancing conscientious, secure, and morally sound approaches to AI.


Dynamics 365 Copilot is an artificially intelligent assistant designed to enhance user productivity and organizational efficiency across key business areas such as sales, service, marketing, and supply chain management. It employs cutting-edge advancements in generative AI, enabling it to assimilate users’ prior interactions and adjust its suggestions accordingly. As you increase your usage of Copilot, its intelligence amplifies, enabling you to devise tailored experiences for your clientele via AI-generated emails and conversations while also addressing concerns through the utilization of live data. Through the acquisition and analysis of customer feedback and preferences, Copilot can offer customized interactions that cater to the distinct requirements of each individual.

According to the most recent “Microsoft Business Trend Survey 2023,” a significant majority of employees (89%) express a greater sense of fulfillment when they have the ability to utilize AI and automation tools to carry out their job responsibilities. Consequently, it would be prudent to facilitate your employees’ utilization of Dynamics 365 Copilot, as it empowers them to automate tasks, generate innovative ideas, and acquire valuable insights across both CRM and ERP domains. Dynamics 365 Copilot truly embodies the essence of a digital assistant. It operates with end users, delivering assistance and recommendations during their tasks.

Let us examine the operational procedures for each of the mentioned workloads.

Dynamics 365 Customer Service Co-pilot

It offers round-the-clock support, assisting agents in locating resources, improving case handling efficiency, and automating laborious tasks such as:

Regarding addressing inquiries, Copilot equips agents with the necessary information to promptly and precisely respond to customer queries.

Email composition: It offers suggestions to enhance agents’ ability to craft clear, succinct, and convincing emails.

Composing chat responses: It offers prompts for initiating and sustaining chat dialogues.

Providing case synopses: This task involves discerning crucial aspects and lessons to assist agents in delivering succinct and comprehensive case summaries.

Dynamics 365 Customer Insights Assistant

You possess a substantial amount of customer data, which is fragmented across disparate systems. One might struggle to grasp the holistic view, which consequently hinders the ability to make well-informed decisions regarding customer outreach and business expansion. Furthermore, examining customer data has historically been an intricate and laborious undertaking that necessitates high expertise and proficiency. Customer Insights play a crucial role in this scenario, particularly in relation to the Dynamics 365 Customer Insights Copilot. It has the potential to facilitate the acquisition of fresh insights through the examination and interpretation of customer data in almost real-time, employing natural language-based techniques.

Dynamics 365 Marketing Copilot

Customers no longer conventionally make purchases. Previously, individuals may have been exposed to a product advertisement through television media, visiting a retail establishment for purchase, and transporting the product to their residence. However, in contemporary times, consumers have become increasingly inclined toward digital platforms. They meticulously engage in online product research, scrutinize customer reviews, and meticulously compare prices across various channels before finalizing a transaction. This challenges sellers to comprehend the specific locations and methods by which buyers make purchasing decisions. Therefore, the significance of concepts such as customer value optimization (CVO) and customer lifetime value (CLV) is increasing across various sectors.

To effectively target contemporary clientele, it is imperative to establish a presence in the spaces they frequent. This entails establishing robust online visibility and strategically promoting your products through various marketing channels. It is imperative that you possess a comprehensive understanding of the customer journey while concurrently devising marketing campaigns that precisely cater to their stage in the purchasing process.

Dynamics 365 Marketing Copilot has the capacity to analyze substantial volumes of data at a significantly accelerated pace compared to human capabilities. This facilitates expedited extraction of insights from customer data by your marketing team, thereby empowering you to enhance the quality of your marketing campaigns through informed decision-making. It will facilitate the detection and analysis of patterns and trends within customer data that would present challenges, if not insurmountable obstacles, for human analysts to discern. Doing so will enable you to generate precise predictions concerning customer behavior.

The Co-piloting feature of Dynamics 365 Supply Chain Center

It is imperative to recognize that in the absence of adequate transparency in monitoring inventory levels, the ability to effectively monitor demand, oversee production operations, and ensure timely order fulfillment becomes progressively challenging.

An awareness that might elude you is that Dynamics 365 Supply Chain Center Copilot can forecast the consequences of changes in demand, supply, and costs through the vigilant observation of external occurrences and trends that can influence your organization. Furthermore, it enables you to undertake the appropriate measures to alleviate potential hazards assertively.

Dynamics 365 Business Central Copilot

Crafting compelling product descriptions for a substantial quantity of comparable products is arduous, demanding, and repetitive. However, an unstimulating rendition of your product’s features and benefits will not effectively promote its sale. Positive update: Dynamics 365 Business Central Copilot expedites the procedure by utilizing AI-generated product descriptions directly sourced from your inventory management system.

In addition, it provides unprecedented convenience in bringing your products into the realm of e-commerce. Copilot will generate promotional text leveraging your product attributes by uploading an image to Business Central. Afterward, by simply performing a few actions, you can promptly make your products accessible on your e-commerce platform.


Thus, provided above is a brief glimpse into the capabilities of Dynamics 365 Copilot that enable enterprises across diverse sectors and sizes to address numerous obstacles and hurdles they encounter effectively. HCLTech has invested substantially in artificial intelligence (AI) solutions, including Microsoft Copilot. With our steadfast commitment to innovation, we are determined to remain at the forefront of the ongoing AI revolution as we actively contribute to this technology’s continuous development and advancement.

There are several compelling reasons to consider implementing AI in your business at present. However, one particularly significant factor is your competitors’ growing adoption of this technology, either currently or in the very near future. It is imperative that you do not allow yourself to fall behind in this regard. Rest assured that HCLTech has the ability to assist you. As the utilization of AI proliferates, let it be known that we are in sync with our collaborators in the creation and execution of governance strategies and systems for managing organizational change, guaranteeing that our approach towards AI is characterized by responsibility and ethical conduct – consistently prioritizing compliance, security, and privacy.

Let us collectively prepare ourselves and confront AI’s various challenges and opportunities. Please be advised that there will be a subsequent release of Copilot blogs in the upcoming weeks.

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